To get the most out of a blog article you should also be social bookmarking it. In this article we will take a look at how to combine blogging and social bookmarking to get the maximum results for your business.

Blogging is where you put your thoughts down in the Internet where people can find them. You can think of a blog as a diary of your thoughts.

Social bookmarking takes your blog post one step further. There are social directories that you can bookmark your blog posts into such as Digg, Stumbleupon, Propeller, and literally thousands more.

The benefit of bookmarking any blog post is that you are creating a back link to your blog for people to find you. You are also creating a backlink to your blog for search engines to find you.

Regardless of how popular your blog is it is to your benefit bookmark your blog posts into the social directories because most of them will be more popular than your blog. This makes sense because a directory such as Stumbleupon has literally getting millions of visitors every day, whereas your own blog may only be receiving a few hundred or a few thousand visitors a day.

Therefore you social bookmark a blog post for the potential traffic you can receive, and to serve as search engine bait. If you do not social bookmark your blog post into some of the top directories you are limiting the potential benefits from them.

If you've done Internet marketing in the past you may understand a little bit about search engine optimization. Search engines need you to tell them what your blog post is about so that they can rank it high for their searchers.

So when you do a blog post you should include relevant keywords where search engine can find them. The easiest way to do this is to put them right at the beginning of the title, include them in your introduction paragraph, and include them again in your closing paragraph. You might even want to bold them for additional emphasis.

You can also include variations of these key words in the body of your blog article as it sounds natural. By doing this you are helping the search engines understand what your blog article is about and they will reward you with a higher ranking for that specific keyword phrase.

This is a few ideas on blogging and social bookmarking. The benefits of using the two together can result in additional quality traffic for your business.